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From North Dakota to Mississippi

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Leaving Mississippi Today

It must be Wednesday because I'm heading home. *5:30 am - Trevor made sure he could make as much noise as possible as he left for work. Oh well, time to get some shut eye before packing time. *9 am - Got my shower in and all the packing done. Walked over to IHOP for breakfast and hoping to have a complete meal with no disruption. As I was taking my seat, I was handed a place mat with a request for a drawing. The waitress said that today was her grandson's birthday and she had seen the doodling hanging in the kitchen from our other visits. Ok- a minor disruption but not the Al Bundy type. *12 Noon- Trevor arrived and we checked out of the hotel and headed towards the airport. The funny thing about this was that Trevor was on his cellphone in a conference meeting during this entire time. I chuckled when Trevor turned toward me and said, " A meeting right now - Just my luck." *12:45 pm - We arrived at the airport after getting gasoline ( Trevor's jeep was running on empty - Go Figure) and said our goodbyes while laughing about our trip memories. As I entered the Gulfport Airport I was happy to see that it was the same size as Burbank Airport and a easy flow toward the gates. I had a minor problem with TSA security when I took off my boots and a light cloud of foot powder started to flow upward and out. I was directed over to a special security check section asked about the powder, laughed about it with staff and then set off the alarms with my knee replacements and agreed to a complete search. I would have attribute this to a Al Bundy moment but every time, when Lisa and I travel by air this normally happens. *1:30 pm EST - As I approached my gate passengers where starting to enter the plane. Once seated and in the air, I felt more comfortable with Delta then Frontier, especially when we flew through some air turbulence. I asked the passenger next to me what Atlanta Airport would be like and he replied, "search for your flight and check the directory for your gate." I replied, "Anything Else?" He replied, "Oh Yeah, Read the Signs." With No further conversation, I privately thought, "Typical New Yorker, What an @$$!" Suddenly my eyes widen with the realization that I was using Trevor's terms. Laughing to myself I was thinking, I hope his luck stays in Mississippi. :) 4:30 pm EST - We landed in Atlanta and I knew from talking with Lisa that I only had 53 minutes of a layover, so decided to find my gate and then buy some food. The first few monitors I looked at did not have my flight, so I found a airport employee and the directed me to the Delta monitor further down the hallway. My flight would be loading from gate E10. A sign pointing to gates C, D, and E had me riding two escalators and one tram to reach the tunnel leading to three separate sections of E. Now it's being announce that my flight was loading passengers, and the rush was on. I finally reach my plane, found my seat, and was going to relax for the final flight home. WRONG! Out of all the seat on that plane, my seat was the only one that the back did not lock. ( Curse you Al Bundy!) This darn plane was full and I knew they would not let me sit in that seat for this flight. When I told the stewardess about the chair, she moved me to a different seat that the person just had been up graded to first class. I had better leg room, and enjoyed my flight home. *7:30 pm PST - Landed at LAX, and enjoy the wonderful California evening weather while waiting for the shuttle ride home. *9:30 pm PST-Finally reached home, after enjoying the bumper to bumper traffic on the 405 & 101 highway. "Nothing in travel is more sweeter, then the journey to reach home." Thank You LORD!

Minot Airport

Well after leaving snowy Denver Airport, the flight to Minot was very bumpy and at times, very concerning. We landed at 2pm and as we taxied to the gate, the plane seem to sway with the heavy wind as the snow started falling. The pilot told the stewardess that all other flights have been grounded. The airport was announcing the blizzard warming and travelers to check in at their gates. My first thought as I walked out of the airport was, " Holy Crap, We landed at the North Pole!" Trevor picked me up and our journey started.
It's amazing to see how many people sleeping through out the airport, from baggage pick up to waiting for their airplane. Everything so far is going well.

Arrived in Denver at 9:15

Well after a bumpy air ride from LAX to Denver , we made a safe landing. Lay over here in Denver will be 2 1/2 hours with many crabby people because the weather has been intermittent snow fall. I just hope for a safe take off and good weather in Minot, ND.

Tuesday - 2nd Day of this trip

Tuesday Morning I woke up to snow plows working around the hotel trying to get their day started. Trevor came by and we went to Walmart for miscellaneous things. The weather report projected more snow so the shopping was for items to snack on in case we got snowed in. Trevor called about his jeep and received bad news. His car parts are still in Michigan snowed in and Thursday may be the earliest we can leave wonderful, Minot. If this is true, we will have to drive day and night so I can make my Sunday flight out of Mississippi. In the words of Charlie Brown, "GOOD GRIEF!"

Weather Report

Weather Where You Are: Minot Conditions: Clear Temperature: 14° F Wind: 15 East Pressure: 30.18 falling Humidity: 79% Dew Point: 9 Begin Civil Twilight: 6:42 am Sunrise: 7:13 am Sunset: 6:38 pm End Civil Twilight: 7:09 pm Moon Phase: Waning Crescent Recorded At: 3:54 pm, Mar 6, 2013

Wednesday and Still Waiting

This morning at 8 am it was 3 degrees and Trevor called to make sure that we were still going to breakfast. I agreed to a 9am pick up, since the snow on the roads were now being plowed and hopefully all the drunk drivers were finally home. I am not kidding about those drinkers because so far I can tell that's all they do here for entertainment. We had a good breakfast at Perkins and returned back to the hotel so that Trevor could get some work done and check on his jeep repair. Trevor called around 3:30pm and said that his jeep parts will be arriving later today and our road trip should start around tomorrow afternoon.( I can only hope!). Tonight we had dinner with two of Trevor's friends at one of the big hot spots of Minot, good old Applebee's. Had a great meal and a entertaining evening. The lesson I learned today, was finding out how it feels to be stuck inside a refrigerator of a world. At 5 degrees and wind chill factor of -4 degrees, now that's COLD!
Thursday morning and its time to get ready to leave. Trevor and I went to breakfast earlier because he knew his car would be ready by noon. I returned back to my hotel room at 10 am and packed my clothes. Trevor called at 11:30am and announced, " Check Out The Jeep is Ready!" We arrived at the dealership by 12 noon, returned his loaner car and fill his jeep up with fuel. I could not believe it was really going to happen, the Road Trip to Mississippi was on. Once we got to Trevor's apartment I realized its going to take another 2 hours to pack and load up his jeep. Oh, have I mentioned that he lives on the third floor of this apartment complex? His bedroom was that of the Trevor Lewis that I have known, nothing but a ball of confusion. We finally loaded up his wall gun safe, boxes, and bags in the jeep. Yep, it took 2 hours! We got on the road and I was texting Lisa & GMZ that the road trip was under way. Suddenly without warning the grinding noise started and got louder. We were maybe twenty miles out of town, on a road surrounded by snow and nothing else in sight. We made the u-turn heading back to Minot Auto Dealership. We arrived ( Thank You Lord) and I must admit that I was proud how Trevor handled the problem and personal contact with the manager. He only contacted me twice for advice or maybe just to vent his frustration and then went back into negotiating with the manager. ✨The out come? The manager had the Master - Master Mechanic diagnose the problem. The parts were ordered and a driver sent out to pick them up in a town two hours away. Trevor was given a loaner car, with a promise that the jeep will be ready tomorrow morning at 9 am. The manager also threw in, that the dealership will pay for our hotel room tonight. So we are back at the SOURIS VALLEY INN - and we heard that the weather report was for snow tonight. Hmmm- How Lucky is that?

Mississippi or Bust!

Friday Morning Trevor and I are up by 7:30am. I was surprised, because last night this place was rocking with noise from parents drinking and high schools kids running around. Yes this weekend is high school basketball tournament time. :) 9 am - We are now well fed and expecting a call from the dealership that Trevor's jeep is ready. 10 am - The call came and off to the dealership we went. Loaner car checked in and final inspection was made on Trevor's jeep. I wasn't sure if my body chills were from the 15 degrees or the though of hitting the road and having a rerun of yesterday. 10:45am - We hit the road with the commitment of, "Mississippi or Bust." The body chills started again, thinking about being stuck on the highway with another snow storm projected for later today. Did you just feel the chill from that though? 3:45 pm - Just entering South Dakota and the jeep is running great. Weather still cold, land covered with snow and some on and off rain. 4:45 pm- For about 50 miles we drove through fog that at times you could only see about thirty feet in front of us. We were happy when a large propane truck rushed pass us, knowing that this vehicle would provide us an early warning if there was an accident ahead by lighting up the sky and sounding a loud boom. Well there was, No Explosion, No Accidents and Weather cleared up. 7:45 pm - We entered the State of Iowa and the only discomfort so far from this drive was Trevor's skunk gas fart in a heated car with the windows up. We are an outhouse on wheels. 9:45 pm - We arrived at the Hilton Hotel in Omaha, Nebraska. Rain starting to fall steady but we have been blessed to have a safe drive today and a comfortable bed to sleep in tonight. Good Job TL!

Mississippi or Bust -->Part 2

8am - Saturday morning after an evening of lighting, thunder and heavy rain, Trevor and I , bid farewell to Omaha, Nebraska. As we continue driving south in a steady dose of rain, it did not take long to leave Nebraska and once more we were in the State of Iowa. It surprised us to see the large coal factories along the way and how the mountain sides showed signs of the work were the coal had been taken from. 10 am - The rain remained steady as we entered the State of Missouri. The country side was now being washed clean of last week snow fall. Ranchers and Farmers working their land and American Flags everywhere. Truly this State fit the description of being "Heartland Country." 2 pm - We entered the State of Arkansas. The rain had stopped and the sky had a light blue smoky haze covering the mountain side. You could smell the smoke from the cabins that had their fireplaces burning. 3 pm - Trevor had been driving all day and it was time to take a break in Springdale, Arkansas. We had a fabulous meal at the " CRACKER BARREL" restaurant. This place truly lived up to its reputation of great food and coffee. After refueling we were back on the road. ( Please Note: I did offer to drive but the jeep is so loaded down that the drivers seat could not go fully back to accommodate my hefty size, and that's my story & I'm sticking with it.) 7 pm - We arrived in Little Rock Arkansas and took almost another hour to work through the maze of interstate construction and detours I've ever experience to reach our hotel. The must be the shovel ready construction that Obama was talking about. Tonight weather report is calling for rain and we just realize that tomorrow we turn the clocks one hour ahead, so I better say, Good Night.
Trevor Today (March 9, 2013) Drove 620 Miles

Mississippi or Bust --> Part 3

*Daylight Savings Time - Add One Hour After a long drive yesterday we had planned to go to sleep early last night and leaving by 6am. But it took longer for us to unwind and we ended up getting only six hours of sleep. 7am - SUNDAY - We started on the road leaving Little Rock Arkansas knowing that we would have to push our time heading south in order to beat the projected heavy rain fall for today. I must admit that we were still tired and sleepy but was determined to reach Biloxi, Mississippi by 2 o'clock. Trevor had asked the office manager to leave his keys for his new apartment with the site manager and that we should arrive by early this afternoon. 9:30 am - The weather was very windy and displayed threatening dark stormy clouds. We had to stop in Lake Village Visitor Center in Arkansas because the fatigue had already started. Having a strong cup of coffee while standing outside in the cold wind seem to do the trick and glad that we did because the remainder of the trip would be a lot of country roads instead of three lane highways. 10:30 am - We entered the State of Louisiana and got a good laugh regarding the roads signs on this country road, " Warning State Prison - Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers." Sure enough, twice we passed a prison facility that was next to this country road. The area had the bare trees growing inside the marsh water ways that suggested bayou country. Many towns that we had passed had run down buildings and a low income population. Cajun Food seem to be posted on every eatery and one place offered crawfish tamales. OH MY! 11:30 am - We reached the State of Mississippi. Though we were ahead of any rain fall the day stayed very windy. So we stopped in the town of Vicksburg so Trevor could buy some windshield wipers at Walmart and replace his old ones. I am amazed at the number of Walmart stores we have passed in each state. It surly is the store of choice for this area of the United States. 2:30 pm - We stopped in the town of Collins to refuel knowing that Biloxi was only two hours away. Trevor had called twice earlier in the day to make sure someone would be at his apartment to meet him and each time had to leave a voice message. ( Typical Trevor Luck) 4:30 pm - We arrived at our destination, The Oceanaire Apartments in the town of D'Lberville just outside of Biloxi. **Yes we did make it to Mississippi but the journey doesn't end yet!

Wait Until You See My Place

Sunday Evening: 5pm - After Trevor drove the last 450 miles I could see just by his expression that he felt that all delays had ended. His desire to unload his jeep and get some rest would definitely take the load off his shoulders. And even though he had not received a call back from the staff of his new apartment complex, he was sure they would have a key ready for him. "WRONG!" The business office was closed and the door sign displayed their return schedule for 9am - Monday. Still no return call, Trevor decided that we would wait for the next car to enter the gated apartment complex and follow them in , while the gate was open. We waited for twenty minutes before we entered and drove to his apartment complex. Trevor was sure that his apartment would be unlocked so we could unload. I felt that this would be a good turning point for us, since I was sure we would have to stay in a hotel for this evening and not have to worry about Trevor's valuables in the car. We walked up the flight of stairs to the third floor and sure enough the door was locked. With nothing else possible we left to eat and get a hotel room. 7 pm - We got our hotel room, putting all important items inside and went to IHOP located next door for a good dinner to round off this day. We order a country chicken dinner and watched as the rain shower started outside. As the food arrived and placed in front of us, yes you guessed it, Trevor received his long awaited call and a representative was waiting for us with the apartment key. AUGH! Trevor not wanting to miss this person, we rushed through out dinner, " HELLO INDIGESTION" and getting something's from the hotel room we headed over to the apartment. 9 pm- Trevor finally became the proud owner of his new apartment and we finally unloaded the jeep. Carrying all those things up to the third floor after eating that heavy meal, we were both prime candidates for a good heart attack. The Good Lord decided to spare us as this day ended. 11 pm - Back in our hotel room it did not take long to fall asleep.

Oceanaire Apartments - Moving In

Good Morning Monday! 8 am - Getting started with a plan. :) Trevor called Direct TV and confirmed todays installation. Ask that they call him so that we could meet them at the gate. Though his appointment is scheduled between 8 & Noon, the dispatcher said the arrival will be closer towards noon. Trevor call the Apt. business office and ask that they call him when Direct TV installers arrived. Everything now set, it was time to check out of the hotel and eat. 9:30 am - Eating breakfast at IHOP Trevor gets a call by the apt. manager and told that his Direct TV can not be installed into his apt. He is told that we need to come and work this problem out. Just as we start to leave IHOP, Direct TV dispatch calls and said that their technician will be leaving and that Trevor will have to schedule a future installation date. ( Talk about Luck) 10 am - Trevor is told by the Direct TV Technician that his apartment building is facing the wrong way & the apt. manager would not approve any modification to install his dish. Meeting with the apt. manager, Trevor is told that his washer & dryer has been installed in his apt., but if he wanted to have Direct TV he would have to move to the one bedroom in building #5 on the second floor. After looking over the apt. in building #5 Trevor agreed to make the move. 11 am - Direct TV agree to come back on Tuesday and install his dish and set up the TV. The apt. manger tells Trevor that this new apt. rugs need to be shampooed before he can move in and his washer & dryer can not be moved in until Tuesday but all his property could stay in the old apt until those things are done. ( Time to get another hotel room) 1 pm - Trevor and I spend an hour and half in Walmart to buy his basic needs. We unload the shopping at his new apt. and the carpets have not been done yet. 3:30 pm - We drive to Biloxi to check out the furniture store, Ashley's. (This store was suggested by Aunt Lisa as a good place to start) *We eat lunch first at the highly recommended Oyster Half Shell Restaurant in Biloxi.This area has a great influence of Cajun French dining with Las Vegas type casino buildings. *From 4:30 to 7:30 pm - Trevor takes his time shopping for the right furniture that he needs. ( Decisions - Decisions - Decisions) He finally calls Aunt Lisa to make sure of his selections of furniture fits the prices. (NOTE: Ashley's furniture warehouse is connected to their business building and the furniture is made there.) Trevor ask if he could finalize the deal later in the week and was then told that the 20% deal ends today. Sure enough on all advertisement in small lettering that the sale ends today. Get frustrated, Trevor stayed calm and negotiated a deal that fit his needs. ( He Did Good) Oops, What? What??? Delivery can not be done until the 28th - Are you kidding me?? The Curse of Al Bundy strikes again. 8 pm - We return to Trevor's new apt. and check to see if anything had got done. The carpeting had been shampooed and was still very wet. The washer and dryer never arrived. We guess that after having to move to two large items up the the third floor of the first building the maintenance crew was in NO hurry to move them again. 9 pm - We check into our hotel room and this time made the check out day for Wednesday.

Oceanaire Apartments - Moving Again

*5:30 am -Tuesday Morning and Trevor is already up and heading off to work. It took me about thirty minutes but I finally fell back asleep. *8:30 am - I was up and showered and expect Trevor to pick me up by noon, so I could wait for Direct TV to install his entertainment center. I packed up my luggage and sat down to a cup of coffee and watched the news. It was strange not being with Trevor but at least he was at work and getting his new office in shape. *11:30 am - Trevor called to say that none of his office materials or equipment had arrived from North Dakota, leaving him limited in getting started. So he was going to meet up with the Direct TV installer and make sure that the equipment was properly installed in his apartment. I agreed and decided to catch up on my blog and some of my drawing designs. *2 pm - Trevor arrived and we head out to get a sandwich for lunch. He looked uncomfortable but when I asked if he was OK, he just pushed it off as just being hungry. *3 pm - We went back to Walmart for some miscellaneous item he needed since he was now going to stay in his apartment after I leave and sleep on a air mattress. *4 pm - Back in our hotel room Trevor said that he needed to lay down because he wasn't feeling well. He slept a full hour an a half, and when he awoke was now feeling achy. *5:30 pm - We arrived at the apartment complex and was told that the washer and dryer had been moved and it was time to move his stuff. It took us almost two hours to complete the move and let me tell you we were both tried and sweaty. Soaked and aching we could not wait to get back to the hotel. After moving all those things up and down flights of stairs, I was thankful nothing got broken and neither he or I got hurt. *8 pm - We arrived back at the hotel and printed out my flight boarding passes and itinerary. Trevor was happy that though he was feeling sick, and he had a minor set back at work, overall it was a good day. ( Maybe his luck has changed) *9 am - Trevor was heading to bed hoping that a good night sleep that he would feel better in the morning. To let him sleep on a cheery note I said, "So much for that bad luck brother." Rolling to his side and covering his head he replied with a laugh, "I just found out that my entire trip expense check is going to be delayed and that my friend is my luck." I was thinking, "Al Bundy has stuck again," as I said Good Night.

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