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My Trip to London---March 1, 2012.

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Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace just opened from a 12 million pound renovation. It has been the home to a range of royal residents since the late 1600's. This is the palace of Queen Victoria as a child for 18 years until she became queen and so much of what we saw reflected upon her and Prince Albert who she had a wonderful love of her life. They together had 9 children, Prince Albert died young leaving a mournful Queen who wore black the rest of her days as a queen. Even her hankies had royal tears in black embroidered on them. Her stationary was sent back because the black border was not wide enough. There have been as any other families happy times and sad times. Princess Diana was a Royal resident and had both of her boys in this palace. They sent William to one of the private schools right next door to our flat. The part of Diana's story was very small, but at least present with several of her gowns on display. Her quarters are being used by her charities for good use which is nice to know. Within a few hours of Diana's death flowers lined the gates of the Palace which became a carpet of flowers stretching all the way into the park as a tribute to the Princess. They consider her tribute in the palace a temporary display which is very strange to me! Prince William and Kate have decided to occupy this palace also as their home. They are now living in a cottage (not a cottage like we think of) on the royal grounds of the palace. They are redoing Princess Margaret's (the Queens sister who has been dead about 10 years) residence in the palace for Prince William and Kate. The palace is huge and was saved for the people by Queen Victoria as she loved her childhood home! It was bombed during World War II and very little is left of the original furnishings. There are some original paintings hanging on the walls.
Princess Diana had a very small display in a very tiny room. It was quite disappointing to me. I was hoping to see more. There were 4 dresses, no jewelry or other personal items, a few pictures of her and the family. That was it. If you had 10 people in the room, it was crowded. It is hard to understand since she is the mother of the future King of England.

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