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Quissico, Mozambique

August 25, 2011 – August 27, 2011

Once arrived in Quissico Matt and I found a bumpy ride down the mountain towards the shore in what would put chase sequences from Jurassic Park to shame. 4 small villages, a million palm trees and an incredibly sandy road later we found ourselves on the beach of a beautiful lagoon where we stayed the night. The following day we rocketed back up into town which had since transformed into a giant festival. We met up with a PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer) who was hosting about 20 other PCVs in town for the festival. We listened to Tambila competitions, ate copious amounts of chips and chicken, drank beer from a makeshift truckbed bar and danced into the night. I quickly learned that according to Mozambicans, homosexuality simply does not exist. So when I was sandwiched by two dudes on the dancefloor, they were simply being friendly dancers. Twas a strange night. The next morning was made difficult by the lack of water at the PCV's site and therefore and excruciating headache for the day. We continued our way north along the coast for the diving town, Vilankulos.

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