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Taking On Austin

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Austin for the Dirt Cheap Foodie

We grilled Foodspotting’s CEO, Alexa Andrzejewski for the best food trucks and low-budget cafes at SXSW. And Andrzejewski should know: Since Foodspotting launched at SXSW in 2010, the app has reached almost 4 million downloads—with over 3,000,000 foods featured. Here are Alexa’s favorite Austin hot spots for good eats—on the cheap.

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Austin for the Culinary Connoisseur

We at MapQuest Travel Blogs tapped Forkly’s Brady Becker for his top spendy eats for your trip to SXSW, broken out so you can enjoy mouth-watering plates each day you’re at the festival. So, if you’re looking for a culinary bender while at SXSW, and are more worried about the tastes going in than the dollars going out, follow Brady Becker’s picks—with help from fellow Forkly tastemakers. Tip: Get your reservations now.

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Austin for the Indie Music Lover

With 2,000-plus acts and more than 90 stages, coming up with a game plan to catch music at SXSW—especially if you’re trying to find the next 'it' band or obscure darling—takes planning. “Figure out your major, can’t-miss musicians, and some secondary acts, and then be willing to go where the nights—or your friends—take you,” says Dan Reilly, editor of indie and rock blog Spinner, which reaps some 3 million readers per month and features a new free MP3 every day. For a head start, make a beeline for these venues and you’ll quintuple your cool quotient. Guaranteed.

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Austin for the Big Act Addict

SXSW isn’t just a debutante ball for indie musicians and their fans. In fact, some of the best shows can be the most obvious, and often they play in relatively ginormous venues. Plus, “in Austin, you’re not stuck in one area like at, say, a Lollapalooza,” says Dan Reilly, who’s a longtime blogger for Spinner—which gets some 3 million readers a month. “You can wander into any doorway and see a great act.” Luckily for us, he knows SXSW as only a true music insider can. Here are his picks for nights to tell your grandkids about.

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Austin for the SXSW Newbie

First trip to Austin for SXSW? Don't worry, we'll get you started off on the right track!

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Live Blogging From SXSW

Starts March 3, 2013

Get real-time updates
from these SXSW attendees:



What happens when you put a bunch of goofball artists and filmmakers on a bus and drive it from Chicago to Austin and back?

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Jeremy Tanner


Finder of all flavors of fun. 5 AM bedtime. Rumored to have some blood in his Red Bull system.

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Lover of music and concerts, blogger at and, tech junkie, drinker of beer, wine and whiskey (although, not usually at once). Follow my rants and adventures on Twitter at @monikarun.

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That RSVP girl, forever exploring with @gtmcknight, photographer of adventures & whole-hearted wanderluster.

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Anke Corbin


Typically start out strong with intentions to live the dream but end up crashing hard. This year's goal: pace myself, review the plethora of food trucks and cool new restaurants. Definitely will catch some sessions and maybe even a couple of awesome parties. Maybe.

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