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A Honeymoon In Italia

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Montalcino Sienna, Italy

September 27, 2011

Kelly and Brock set off for Montalcino today - with plans to sample the best Brunellos there were to offer! We first had to get acquainted with the town a bit - so we walked around in search of the best possible places to taste. One place had a card system and everything was self serve. It was pretty much the Dave and Busters of tasting wines from Montalcino. We checked it out, but decided to grab lunch first and work our way up to it. Most of the tastings were 3-9 Euro each, so Brock was a little turned off by that. At lunch we had a nice 2006 brunello with our panini and focacce (sandwiches). That was a good way to get warmed up. We were planning to go back to the D&B of wine but Kelly humored Brock as we took one last trip through town in search of a specific Enoteca. We found it, and stopped in and met the most wonderful person, Gayle! She was immensely patient with all our questions, and just a pleasure to speak to that we couldn't leave without buying a few bottles. YUM! We tasted 4 wines (for free) while we were there, and bough 3 different wines to try once we got home. That was a good experience for sure.

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