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Swiss Alps and Tuscan Valleys

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Fiesch, Switzerland

August 25, 2010 – August 26, 2010


Alpine root… aka oh shit

From Fiesch we took the gondola for about 30 min to Eggishorn. At the top we had outstanding 360 view of mountains, highlighted by Aletschgletscher, Europe's largest glacier. With conflicting information and poor signage we headed out on our hike. When our hike turned into a rock scramble with shear cliff cut offs in both directions and birds flying below us things got a little hairy. I think this story is best decribed by each of us… individually…. in preson… over a beer… But I will say it put all of us out of our comfort zone. We summitted Betterhorn 2858 m to amazing views of all the Alps including the Matterhorn. After using secured ropes and ladders over crevices we made it to the top of the ski lift and took another series of gondolas to the train. We changed trains in Brig and decided to stay there for dinner. I enjoyed a traditional Swiss dinner of Rosti (potatos hashbrown style) with cheese, ham and a fried egg on top. We were in the Greman speaking side of Switzerland and it is generally discouraged to speak French once you cross the line between the two parts of Switzerland but luckily for us most people speak at least some English. We were so lucky to have a friend and home awaiting us (a friend that would have come looking if we had blown off of the mountain). We ended the day sharing beers and sharing stories… Leben ist gut and Berg ist groß

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