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2012 IOCC Race to Respond: Seattle, WA to Seaside Park, NJ

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GIven the weather in the vast majority of our nation, we have had nothing to complain about. This was the first day temps in Mt rose over 90. We started out at our usual time, around 7am and made it to Harlowton by 3:30. After passing Lake Sutherin, there were only two towns of any kind before our final destination for the day, the towns of Martinsdale and Twodot. It was somewhere between these two towns that we managed to grab some shots of cowboys rustling and corralling cows, something I've only seen on TV westerns dating back decades. It is becoming clear to us that the further east we head through Montana the more we will begin to witness the evidence of the massive heatwave that has blanketed our country for weeks. Tomorrow we are off to Billings where we hope to make it in time to attend vespers at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church. The forecast cals for 40% chance of rain. Rain is looking pretty good to us about now.

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