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Today we anchored off Jenny Lind island at 7:30 am. It is very foggy. We can barely see the island. They sent a scout zodiac ashore. The report cam back that visibility was poor and there were bear tracks on the beach. So we are not going ashore. The captain heaved anchor and we set off. We are going up the Victoria straits on the west side of King William Island. We are at 69 degrees N, 100 degrees W. We have not seen any pack ice yet. It is very cold. The temperature this morning was 4 degrees C. But it is now 1 degree C and dropping. I hope we start seeing pack ice later today. This morning we had a very good lecture on the arctic ice pack . The thickness of the arctic ice is very important in controlling the world's climate. It is interesting how the sea freezes and the saline is rejected and pushed into channels where it remains liquid and the salinity increases. It frequently empties into the sea below emptying the channels which are then called brine channels. The food has been very good on the ship, but this afternoon they had a barbecue on the back deck and the temperature was 1degree C. The Germans are crazy. They call this weather " fresh".

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