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Motorcycle Trip Central South America

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Cancun, Mexico

March 4, 2010


Drive to/through Cancun

Left Merida relatively early after a good night. Ended up wandering around a little and there is some nice places. It is getting a little weird seeing tourist. I really haven't come across many or actually almost none, but the closer I get to Cancun you can tell the numbers are increasing. Took the Toll road to Cancun which was somewhat boring and probably the only time I got a little sleepy on the bike even after cruising at 95mph. Completely flat and straight with jungle on both sides for about 2oo miles. Greg went to Chichen Itza and since I have already seen it decided to move on and needed to go to the motorcycle shop in Cancun to check on a rear shock. Actually for the multiple times I have been to Cancun I have never been through the city proper. Wasn't missing much. Finally find the motorcycle shop around 3:30 and wanted to check on some prices but the owner said the distributer was closed and to call back on Monday. Great. I am loosing/lost pressure in my back shock which has lowered my bike a couple of inches. It is not bottoming out but has me a little concerned since some of the roads in Guatemala and beyond are going to be interesting and I am carrying a heavy load. (I was referring to my gear but yes, I am too) Side note: As embarrassing as this is I love the irony. So I haven't layed over my bike the entire trip and actually haven't come close. So get to the shop and the mechanic wants to have a look at the shock so asks me to put the center stand up. Ok no problem he takes a look and fortunately it is not leaking but has lost some pressure. After he takes a look I am getting ready to leave and push my bike off the center stand with all my gear and I didn't realize my kick stand was down too. Since I have lost some of my rear shock as soon as I drop my bike off the center stand it hits the kick stand on the concrete forcing it to fall over on the other stand. I layed my motorcycle over in front of the motorcycle shop! Major biking Faux Pas and if the bike shop didn't already think I was a loco gringo it was now confirmed. Fortunately with the adrenaline of embarrassment I was able to lift my bike up with no problem fully loaded. Good to know.

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